We are a bunch of Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator and 3D Modding fanatics, but there's a lot more to say about this project...


Be a solution for the lack of quality addons for the SCS Software simulators seen over the last years. We intend to strengthen relations between quality modders and passionate gamers and also ensure proper engagement with the Prague sims and SCS Software studio.


Be a dominant portal related to the Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator news, mods and related content, while offering an amazing user or gamer experience that could generate real engagement with us and with the game developers.


Help modders to share and gamers to download quality content, using a top platform and social technology. We intend to change “have to do” into “want to do” behaviours while improving modding performance and engagement among the trucksim community.


And because life is not just games and many go from players to real drivers, we want to work as a wiki platform that can help in such an important transition. We will soon build a transportation industry information hub where future drivers can learn and improve their skills.

Our Milestones

16 July 2008

Euro Truck Simulator.org 

Our founder Pumizo gave life to an old idea and this project was born. First with a forum around 2005 that reached an impressive 12,0000 members activity. Later in 2008 he added a website and included a mod download section. This project lasted till 2012 and it has been closed till 2020.

6, 7 October 2018

Meeting SCS Crew at Madrid 2018

We finally had the opportunity to meet some of the SCS developers. It was in Madrid during the FIA ETRC Jarama round. We proudly interviewed Pavel Sebor and Daniel Nemiro.

29 June 2019

First ETS2 & ATS Fans Meeting

We were the proud producers of the world's first SCS Software fans meeting. It took place at the famous Portuguese Transwhite company and it was a huge success. We had a guided visit to the facilities, then a group lunch where we delivered lots of official SCS merchandising goods and other sponsors prizes.

5, 6 October 2019

Meeting SCS Crew at Madrid 2019

We met the "SCS On The Road" crew in Madrid for the second consecutive year during the FIA ETRC Jarama round. We proudly interviewed Mr Cenda from SCS Software.

14, 21 December 2019

Portuguese SCS Fans Christmas Meetings

It is always a special time of the year and we couldn't help but bring our community together. We organized two community lunches, one in Lisbon and another in Oporto, delivering official SCS presents in both.

4 april 2020

EuroTruckSimulator.org New Website

The long-awaited idea turned into reality and a new era begins, with the release of a new website, new mod shop and the start of another journey.

Our Team


Simulator Fanatic

Daniel Magalhães

Real Trucker

Jorge Salguero

Air Truck Racer

Miguel Guedes

Truck Diplomat

Renato Ribeiro

Quadrifoglio Trucker

Vitor Maninho

Truck Manager

Pedro "Pumizo"

Truck Maniac

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